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If you are involved in a motor accident that wasn't your fault, why should you be inconvenienced? MPH Assist's services are based on the legal premise that the party not-at-fault in an accident is entitled to be put back in the position they were in prior to the event. Our services aim to keep you mobile by:
  • Providing like for like replacement transport whilst your vehicle is off the road
  • Organising independent vehicle inspection of your vehicle
  • Organising your repairs
  • Liaising with the at fault third parties insurer
  • Organising statements from independent witnesses
  • Helping you to claim compensation for any injury
  • Helping you to claim any other out of pocket expenses such as Policy excess, damaged clothing or equipment, out of pocket expenses, loss of earning, recovery and storage costs, and diminution (i.e. loss of re-sale value due to your vehicle having been involved in an accident, despite being repaired.)ale value to a vehicle due to having been in accident, despite being repaired)

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MPH ASSIST offer a complete and flexible nationwide service for people involved in Non-Fault accidents.

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