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Legal Community

As members of the legal community it is likely that your client has come to you for assistance with the claim as a result of a personal injury.

We can help you and your clients by providing a complete non-fault accident management service to them, negating the need for you both to go through the claims procedure.

The service we offer to your client is open to all including:
  • Those under 21 and over 70 years old
  • Those covered both comprehensively or third party
  • Those who have special vehicle requirements including dual control, estates, people carriers, 4x4s, and sports/executive vehicles.
We provide you with a dedicated claims handler to provide a direct contact for any queries or updates. Our phones are not automated, each time you phone in, it will be answered directly by one of our claims advisors.

We are aware that some clients prefer to report their claim directly to their insurance company. As a service provider we would recommend a service such as ours as it helps to reduce the time and inconvenience for the client, as we will manage the claim completely.

Other advantages that our service has are:
  • Protection of your policyholdersâ€?excess
  • Protection of your policyholdersâ€?no claims bonus
  • Recovery of all costs incurred by your policyholder
  • Provision of a vehicle that matches your policyholdersâ€? vehicle requirements

Management Information
Management Information can be tailored to suit the needs of the referrer. Commonly requested information includes:
  • Accepted claims
  • Declined claims, with a reason
  • Completed claims
We promise to keep in regular contact with the client, ensuring that they will go no longer than 5 working days without having spoken to a claims advisor to update them on the progress of their claim.

Along with ensuring the client is aware of the progress of the claim, the referrer is also provided with a dedicated contact through which they can get regular updates on the progress of the claims they have currently ongoing.

Customer Satisfaction
MPH ASSIST takes pride in their high level of customer satisfaction and it is of great importance to us that we maintain this throughout our company.

Likewise we welcome the input from our referrers with regards to their satisfaction with our service to both themselves and their clients.

For more information on the service we can provide a brochure
or contact us info@mphassist.co.uk or Tel 01204 659 191.
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MPH ASSIST offer a complete and flexible nationwide service for people involved in Non-Fault accidents.

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