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We work with the UK's top insurance companies to provide replacement vehicles after accidents making sure innocent parties stay mobile until their own vehicles are repaired or a cheque is received in the cases where their vehicle is written off.
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Involved In An Accident

1. At the scene of the accident, you should obtain as many of the following details from the other drivers of any other vehicles involved in your collision.

a)  Name, address and phone number
b)  Vehicle registration number, make and model
c)  Exact damage and the location of the damage
d)  Insurance company and policy number
e)  Name, address and phone number of any witnesses
f)  A plan of the accident scene and, If you have a phone with a camera, take some photographs of the scene and damage caused to all vehicles etc. This is an excellent way to record this information.

2. Do not admit liability under any circumstances to any person including the other driver or their insurer.

You should not speak with the insurer of the negligent driver after the accident and you should seek our assistance in responding to any correspondence you might receive.

The insurer of the fault driver will want to reduce the amount of any compensation you are entitled to receive from the accident and until you have received advice you may not know what your entitlement is. Anything that you do say to the other party will probably be recorded and it may prejudice the outcome of your claim.

3. Telephone our office immediately on 01204 659 191.

4. We will provide you with assistance to confirm that you were not at fault for the accident and we will assist you on how best to obtain a replacement vehicle for the period in which your own is being repaired.

5. In the event that there was any injury arising from the accident, damage to any street furniture or if either you or the other driver, did not stop after the accident or did not provide their name, address, vehicle registration number and insurance details, then you have a legal requirement to report the accident to the local Police. You have to do this in person. The Police may not wish to take details from you, in the event of this you should ask for a self-reporting accident form so that you can comply with your legal responsibility.

6. Following an accident for which you were not at fault, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle, to have your vehicle repaired to its pre-accident condition, to claim compensation for any loss in the value of your vehicle arising from the accident damage and to make a claim for personal injury to recompense you for pain and suffering arising from any personal injury sustained by you. We can assist you to claim all of these losses.

However, in bringing any claim for compensation, you are under a common law duty to mitigate your losses which means that you are expected to keep your losses and expenses to a reasonable amount but that does not mean you have to suffer or make do.

7. Finally, you should keep receipts for items of expenditure that you incur for which you might wish to reclaim from the negligent driver. If you wish to claim for incidental expenses - telephone calls made and letters sent, for example - then you need to keep a record of these.

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MPH ASSIST offer a complete and flexible nationwide service for people involved in Non-Fault accidents.

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